Who we are

ForexTradingChoice.com was incorporated in June, 2009 by Trading Choice Limited and now the website is managed by people situated in USA and Lithuania. We started offering rebates for trading forex and rebates and bonus points for forex product purchases. During this time we did our best to implement the requests of our users and support them.

How we work

If you open an account with your choice of brokers (FCM’s) through us, Trading Choice Limited, as your referring broker, you will be dealing directly with your chosen broker without increased spreads or added commission fees.

We work with those FCM’s who pay us commissions for introducing customers. This way we can offer Forex trading rebates to you according to your trading volume.

ForexTradingChoice.com DOES NOT hold any funds. You just receive rebates from ForexTradingChoice.com for trading with Forex broker of your choice.

ForexTradingChoice.com is a free service that offers the trader Forex rebates on every trade made (unless your selected forex broker defines policy on which trades commissions will be paid). There is no reason to refuse getting forex rebates on your performed trades whether you are a professional or just a newbie trader.

You will start earning trading rebates right after your selected Forex broker confirms us being your Referring Agent/Introducing Broker. Rebates can vary depending on your account type (micro, mini, standard, institutional) and brokerage firm you trade with and they are calculated by your total monthly round turn $100,000 Standard Lot traded.

How we support you

We register all emails and inquiries at our Support Desk. All emails are answered within 24 hours within business days. If you have any question, please, contact us.

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