Become our Affiliate – create your Residual Income stream!

How it works:

  1. Register your account;
  2. Log on to your account, and you will get your unique affiliate link;
  3. Get your html links, banners, forum signatures from the Affiliate section;
  4. Use your affiliate link to refer people to this site.
    You may put the links and banners in emails, post on your website or blog, use your forum signature in forums, etc. We offer free service to get your money back, so it will be easy to refer people. Who do not want to get their money back?
  5. Visit your User information section and make sure you have selected your payment option and filled payment information. Having this information we will be able to make payments to you monthly.
  6. Track your performance and enjoy your Residual Income stream.

How much would you get:

We offer 2 tier affiliate commissions:

Tier1: You refer anyone and get paid 10% of any monthly earnings generated by your referral;

Tier2: Your referral refers anyone and you get paid 5% of monthly earnings generated by your referral’s referral;

Commissions can be generated once or on a recurring basis. It depends on what offer it was generated. If your referred trader registers an  account, he will get monthly rebates on trading account or signal service, therefore he will also generate commissions for you monthly. One time purchase products like an EA or other software, etc. will generate commission once, based on the initial sale price.

How will your referrals be tracked:

Everytime visitor comes to via your affiliate link (it has your referral ID which is associated with your account and you can find your link in User information section after you log in) a cookie is created with your referral ID. If visitor registers, he will be registered as your referred user. If visitor closes his browser, but register later on, he will be registered as your referred user, too, because your referral ID will be retrieved from cookie.

The cookie is 180 days life long, so if anyone comes through your affiliate link and registers within  next 180 days, he still will be registered as your referral with you!

Commission Payments:

Commissions are paid out to you by-monthly basis. The calculations of commissions will be done and commissions paid out till 25th of the month after the month your commissions were generated.

As mentioned above, commissions can be generated once or on recurring basis based on the initial sale price and offer type. Commissions from brokerage accounts vary because of your referred users trading volume (large accounts may generate larger commissions) and rebate rate we get from broker.

You must provide the correct payment information in your User information section to allow us to send your payments.


Promotional material shall not:

  • Emphasise and potential benefits of the service/product without also giving a fair and prominent indication of any relevant risks.
  • Disguise, diminish or obscure important items, statements or warnings.
  • Be presented in a way that is unlikely to be understood by, the average member of the group to whom it is directed, or by whom it is likely to be received.
  • Deceive the public or contain any material misstatement of fact or omit a fact that makes the promotional material misleading.
  • Include any statements of opinion unless they are clearly identified as such and have a reasonable basis in fact.
  • Not refer to tax, unless it prominently states that the tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in future.
  • Include any reference to actual past trading profits without mentioning that past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.
  • Include any statistical or numerical information about past performance of actual accounts unless the Member can demonstrate that the performance is representative of actual performance of all reasonably comparable accounts for the same period).
  • Include testimonials unless they are representative of all reasonably comparable accounts, the material prominently states that the testimonial is not indicative of future performance or success, and the material prominently states that they are paid testimonials (if applicable).
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