Alpari NZ New Year Deposit Bonus Offer

Alpari NZ presents new promotion offer for every customer with Micro or Classic account from 30th January and 26th February, 2010. You just have to deposit into your live account  and you can earn up to 20.10% on your deposits.

If you are still not an Alpari client, now is the best time to open an account.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open a trading account;
  2. Register for the promotion;
  3. Make a deposit;
  4. Get your bonuses!*

Promotion Terms and Conditions.

Definition of a Credit Bonus

A credit bonus is an non-withdrawable credit, added to the total sum of net deposits made to the account from 30th January and 26th February, 2010.

The credit bonus cannot be transferred from one client account to another.

The sum of withdrawn funds will be deducted from the total value of net deposits made to your trading account within the given time period. The credit bonus will be accrued only on the value of net deposits.

The credit bonus will not be calculated on internal transfers.

From February 27th through March 26th, 2010, a calculation of standard lots will be carried out on every account. This calculation will apply to the bonus total, depending on the standard lots accrued on an account during the designated period, starting with the day your first credit bonus is calculated.

Credit Bonus Calculation

The maximum credit bonus for every account is limited to 4,020 USD (or the deposit currency’s equivalent). The size of the credit bonus can change since it is based on the net deposit value.

The credit bonus can be withdrawn starting April 1st, 2010, under the condition that you closed enough transactions with the necessary amount of standard lots on your account.

You cannot withdraw the credit bonus at any time during the promotion, even if the volume requirements were adhered to. All fund withdrawals in this period lead to a recalculation of the net deposit value.


Credit Bonus Rate

Net Deposit Value (USD) Credit Bonus (%)
First 5,000 (0 — 5,000) 7.5
Second 5,000 (5,001 — 10,000) 10
Third 5,000 (10,001 — 15,000) 12.5
Fourth 5,000 (15,001 — 20,000) 15
Net deposit in excess of 20,000 20.10

Standard Lot Requirements for Completed Transactions:

Amount Credited as Bonus (USD) Standard Lot Requirements
0 – 2,010 200
2,011 – 4,020 400


If your account doesn’t have the necessary amount of standard lots for completed transactions on March 26th, 2010, you will have to forfeit your credit bonus. This may have an influence on your trading account’s status and the margin level for open positions. It may also trigger the closing of one or more open positions.

The credit bonus cannot be withdrawn if you don’t have the required amount of standard lots for completed transactions, as noted above. and classic.directpro accounts are not included in this promotion.



Date Deposit (USD) Total Net Deposit Total Credit Bonus
Feb. 15 4,000 4,000 4,000*7.5% = 300
Feb. 22 5,000 9,000 5,000*7.5% + 4,000*10% = 775
Feb. 24 3,000 12,000 5,000*7.5% + 5,000*10% + 2,000*12.5% = 1,125


The credit bonus can be withdrawn on April 1st (if the volume of completed transactions is a minimum of 200 lots) = USD 1,125

We reserve the right to disqualify participants who falsify operations, violate the promotion conditions or our trading conditions. Any arguable or unforeseen situation regarding the conditions of this promotion will be resolved by the company’s senior management, considering the interests of all those involved. If there are any changes made to the promotion conditions, news of these changes will appear on our website immediately.

Risk Warning

Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Alpari (NZ) only offers off-exchange currency trading. Consequently, our customers do not receive the protections offered through on-exchange trading.

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