Alpari NZ SixFold Bonus

The offer is expired.

Alpari NZ Promotion Multiply by Sixfold

Alpari NZ presents new promotion offer for every customer with Micro or Classic account from November 16 till December 31, 2009. It is called «Multiply Your Bonus by Six»!

The bonus amount is calculated on the total trading results during the Promotion period.

To receive the «Sixfold Bonus» and get it to your trading account three steps should be made:

  1. Get registered to the Promotion
  2. Make a Deposit to your trading account
  3. Trade and receive your sixfold bonus

If you do not have Alpari NZ account yet, you can easily open it and get trading rebates using instructions on Alpari NZ Rebates page.

Also, keep in mind, that:

  • bonus is calculated in USD;
  • bonus amount equals to the sixfold number of trading lots round turn but can’t exceed 6% of net deposit/withdrawal;
  • bonus is calculated for round turn transactions made after the registration;
  • CFDs trading is not available to be qualified to the Offer;
  • All the deposits/withdrawals are taken into account from November 16 to December, 31, regardless the registration date;
  • bonuses will be credited from January 1 till January 8, 2010.

Here is a short example:

You have registered your trading account to the «Multiply Your Bonus by Six» Promotion. You made a deposit to your trading account in the amount of $5000. You have $1000 withdrawn during the Promotion period ( from November 16 to December, 31) and in accordance with the trading activity results you have 50 standard lot round turn transactions.

In this case your bonus will be calculated as follows:

  1. $5000 – $1500 = $3500 (net deposit/withdrawal)
  2. 50 lots * 6 = $300 (calculate the sixfold bonus)
  3. $3500 * 6% = $210 (calculate the possible restriction — 6% of net deposit/withdrawal)

Total Bonus = $210

You receive the bonus in the amount of $210 taking into account the specific restriction of 6% of net deposit/withdrawal.

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