Bonus Points

What are Bonus Points

We offer Forex Rebates and you can purchase a product through us and get rebate for your order, but some vendors do not allow us to offer direct cash rebates. Therefore, you will get bonus points (instead of cash rebates) on the specific product you will buy through

1 bonus point is equal to $1.

How to Earn Bonus Points

If product has bonus points offered, you will get defined amount of bonus points for the purchase of that product. if you will buy that product through The bonus points will be available for exchange if the money back guarantee for the product has expired.

You collect bonus points for every product purchase through There is no limitations how many products you can buy through

Amount of bonus points stated in product description is calculated according to Regular Price of product. If vendor offers a discount, the amount of bonus points will be decreased proportionally to offered discount. If the Regular Price of product is increased, the amount of bonus points will be increased proportionally to the difference of our stated Regular Price and the current product’s price.

How to Redeem Bonus Points

Each product listed on has its regular price stated in US  Dollars and in bonus points. 1 Bonus point is equal to 1 USD Dollar. So, you can request us to exchange your collected bonus points to the wanted product that is listed on, if you have collected enough bonus points.

Just, contact us via contact form and tell:

  • your username;
  • product you would like to “buy” with your bonus points.

How to Track My Bonus Points

Login to and go to My Purchases. There you will see full information about your current, pending and used bonus points and detailed information of your purchases.

Policies for Products Purchased with Bonus Points

You will get 0 (zero) bonus points for products purchased with Bonus points.

You can request a refund on products purchased with Bonus points, unless the money back guarantee has already expired. In this case contact us via contact form.

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