Leo Trader PRO with Upgrade Bonus Points

How to Get 15 Bonus Points for Leo Trader PRO EURUSD – GBPUSD (Regular Price $67 or 67 Bonus Points)

Bonus Points are available only if the product is purchased through ClickBank.

Also, you can get Leo Trader PRO  Rocket Trader – 22 bonus points (Regular Price 97 or Bonus Points 97)

You need to:

  1. register at ForexTradingChoice.com site via registration form on the right sidebar;
  2. buy Leo Trader PRO EURUSD – GBPUSD with Upgrade only through this link (otherwise you will not be valid to receive the rebate);
  3. register your bought Leo Trader PRO EURUSD – GBPUSD with Upgrade by mailing us via contact us form right after the purchase.
  4. bonus points will be available to you for using after Money Back Guarantee from ClickBank expires (after 60 days from purchase date).

After you register your Leo Trader PRO EURUSD – GBPUSD with Upgrade, it will be approved by ForexTradingChoice.com when we will check sale status at ClickBank. You can check if your purchase was approved at My Purchase page.

Leo Trader PRO

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Tallinex Rebates

Directly to your Tallinex Wallet:
ECN-Micro account – 0.6 pip/rtl
ECN-Pro account – 0.15 pip/rtl

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$1.25 on CFD

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