New Rebate Payment Method Available

We have set a new option Hold payment in preferred payment options. It is set as default option for all new users, so you should check if you have set your preferred rebate payment option. If it is set to Hold payment, the rebates are not paid.

Also, we implemented WebMoney payment option as we have brokers who accept depositing in WebMoney virtual money. Payments can be done to your WebMoney Z purse (Z stands for USD currency). So from August, you can set it to WebMoney as your preferred payment option to receive your rebates for trades, purchases or affiliate commissions. You can receive rebates to WebMoney for free, but WebMoney charges transfer fee of 0.8% (max 50 WMZ).

So, from now we can offer you to receive rebates and commissions payments through such payment options:

1. AlertPay (2,5% fee) – Alertpay may charge you additional fee;
2. Liberty Reserve (4% fee);
3. Moneybookers (free) – not available for US residents;
4. PayPal (2% fee) + PayPal may charge you additional fee;
5. WebMoney Z Purse (free) + WebMoney transfer processing fee of 0.8% (not more than 50 WMZ);
6. Wire transfer ($35 transfer fee).

As it was stated before, we focus on our main vision – help traders save some money on their purchases.

Recommended Forex Brokers:

Oanda Europe Rebates

$1.5/rtl ($0.75/side)

ExcelMarkets Rebates

Core account – 0.2 pip/rtl
Pro account – $0.5 /rtl
Direct Spread/Commissions Discount Available*

WhoTrades Rebates

$0.4 on all pairs
$4 on 100oz Gold or 1000oz Silver
$0.4 for Index CFD

IC Markets Rebates

Standard account - 0.3 pip/rtl
TrueECN account - $1.5/rtl
cTrader account - $0.6/rt
Direct ICMarkets Spread or Commissions Deduction Available

New Forex Robots:

Forex Noki Rebates

Price: $125
Rebate: $15

Keltner Pro Rebates

Rebate: $100

FireScalper Rebates

Price: $47
Rebate: 15

Easy Walker FX Rebates

Price: $349
Rebate: $70

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